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Barcode System

We aim to be your business partner provider on all your printing requirements. With this purpose, we decided to enter the world of bar-coding and labeling package.

In June 2008, Adamay International Co., Inc., formally signed the contract being the business partner of SATO ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD. Adamay has trained officers, both in marketing and technical aspects and traceability.

We, at Adamay International Co., Inc., do not merely push our products to end users but we look forward to meeting your needs, understand your requirements, and give final solutions, we meet all your expectations for customization.

Barcode System business includes the following services -

  • Printers and peripheral devices
  • Consumable supplies (label, ribbon etc.)
  • Replacement, repair and adjustment of various parts
  • Maintenance check
  • SATO existing software
  • Customization of software

SATO Products are environment friendly, supported with environmental safety records.